FREE Services for Businesses/Organizations!

  • Send text messages to the community urging them to act immediately on whatever your message was about (examples below).

  • Send an instant coupon/offer to people who join via your link or our supplied window sign.

  • Automatically send birthday offers you control to the community good for the day, week or month.

  • Send unlimited messages to your private group.

“Lead” Package

  • From the day you join, when business is slow or you have an announcement, send one Instant Message to the Community, any day of the week, Sunday-Saturday, (from 7:00am to 10:00pm), via text, to all registered users who receive offers from your business or organization type! Wait 7 days or more between messages and DO IT AGAIN! FOREVER!

    1. Announce a 3 hour sale!
    2. Offer a free drink with any lunch order today only!
    3. Offer buy one “product X” get one free until gone!
    4. Tell everyone about your event!
    5. Or any other “G Rated” message you want to send!

  • Automatically send an “Instant Offer” to people who sign up from your referral link by scanning the QR code or visiting the URL in the window sign we provide at no cost!

  • Picture this…a potential customer sees the sign in your window from outside…they scan the QR code and join the site. INSTANTLY they are given the offer of your choice in their sign up email. Free non-alcoholic beverage with their meal if they come in RIGHT NOW (or the next time you’re open if delivered outside of hours). 20% off anything in the store good for 1 week from date sent. Any offer you want. Instantly. For FREE. Push them right in the door! Change it as often as you like!

  • Entry in our online business/organization directory for Hays County. Includes “tap to call” phone number entry AND “tap for directions” in search results (if your business is not mobile, online or delivery only)!

  • Coming soon…donate a gift certificate or prize to a monthly drawing for all users of the system and become a “Featured Company” on the “Free Prizes” page for that month! The next month you’ll be listed AGAIN as having given the prize out the month before! FREE to all businesses/organziations!

Bronze” Package

$9.95/month, three month minimum. Everything in the “Lead” package but..

  • Send an Instant Message up to EVERY day.

  • Automatically send birthday greetings/offers to all registered users who receive offers from your business or organization type!

  • You can have an “All Ages” offer/greeting, a “21 & over” offer/greeting, or both. Make it good for the day, week, or month! Imagine the new customers you can get by giving someone who has never eaten at your restaurant or shopped in your store a gift on their birthday! Imagine them waking up eager to see those offers!
Deal 1: $99.50 for Bronze Package one year! TWO months free!

Silver” Package

$19.95/month, three-month minimum. All the Bronze features but…

  • We add a private message group whose members YOU control. There is no limit to the number of messages you can send to your group and they also receive a copy via email. Invite people to join via the referral link we supply and they have the option of ONLY receiving messages from your business/organization. It’s a perfect way to communicate with company employees or organization members only or out of county residents who know you!
  • “Tap for Directions” link included in texts sent to the community for businesses/organizations that are not online only, delivery only or mobile only.
Deal 2: $199.50 for Silver Package for one year! Two months FREE!

Gold” Package

$29.95/month, three month minimum. Everyting in the Silver Package but…

  • We increase messages to the community to a maximum of THREE per day!

Deal 2: $299.50 for 1 year! Two months FREE!

Other FREE Accounts

Police, Fire, and other emergency services – send unlimited instant messages to registered locals cell phones, your group, or both – 24 HOURS A DAY (who have chosen to receive from your organization type and who have not blocked you)! PLUS get a message group and birthday greetings.

All other Caldwell County Based non-profit organizations legally registered in the state of Texas and all governmental offices receive a FREE modified basic account. You get one message per day, automatic birthday greetings, listing in our directory, and a private message group like the Gold Package gets.

All payments are collected in person for two reasons. First, paying makes you our boss and we like to know the people for whom we work. We’re excited about our product and know you will be too! Second, since we’re all about getting people in the door…

Payment may be made by cash, check, money order, or barter. Barter is good because it gets someone using your business. Good barter items include items from your “clearance rack” and certificates for YOUR goods/services that are equal or greater in value than the package chosen. These should be transferrable so we can use them to trade for something else or gift to friends, family, or Community members.

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