FREE Instant Deals and Community Messages for Locals!

For People Seeking

Via text, from 7:00am to 10:00pm receive instant, often time sensitive, specials, hot daily deals, and more from local businesses and organizations, helping you support your local community and scoring killer deals - for FREE! YOU control which businesses/organizations can send you messages! YOU choose the types offers you receive! YOU set the maximum amount of offers to receive each day! Sign-up here!

For Businesses With Deals or Others With Messages

The concept here is that businesses and organizations (Non-profit, Religious, Government & Law Enforcement/Fire Departments) located in Hays County can send up to 3 "Instant Deals" or messages (which can be about anything and not just offers) per day that will appear via text on the cell phones of community members who have joined the service. Unless you are law enforcement, a fire department, or other emergency service. Then, because of the nature of your service, the 3 message limit does not apply and YOU may send as many messages per day as needed.

Maybe you want to offer 20% off whatever your business/organization offers for the next 30 minutes (or hour, 2 hours, until the end of the day, until this food item or product runs out, ets.) because you're slow now. Maybe you got a great deal on something and everyone wins. Or maybe you've got something you just need to get rid of no matter the price. Or you're a non-profit or religious organization holding an event. Your ad is only limited by your imiagination and the 300 characters per message limit! Sign-up here or Send an Instant Deal for Locals here (if you've already joined)! Basic services for ALL businesses is and will remain FREE and all organizations have their own FREE services too!